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New Autogas fleets for Uber and Cabify in Spain

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Leasys Spain, car renting company owned by FCA Bank Group, have signed an agreement to deliver a fleet of 1,000 low emissions Autogas vehicles to Uber and Cabify, the two main ridesharing network companies with VCT licences (authorisation for a type of car rental according to which drivers can not pick up a client without an appointment, nor use the lanes for taxi drivers).

Fiat LPG car Uber

Through this agreement, 400 Fiat Tipo 5-door vehicles have been already delivered to Uber and Cabify platforms, waiting for another 600 units of the same model to be added soon. Moreover, this fleet could be doubled up to 2,000 Autogas cars.

The first 1,000 vehicles were funded by a pool of financial institutions, whose main investors are Leasys and Ibercaja, which has a significant credit presence in the VTC business. “We are very proud to create synergies with leading companies in their sector and support new forms of mobility,” said Leasys Spain.

The 1,000 Fiat cars represent the largest operation in the VTC licence business, an amount that is only approached by the Skoda brand. Currently there are a total of 6,700 VTC licences in Spain that can operate actively, of which about 2,700 are located in Madrid. For more information, please check this link.

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